Lapin Luontoloma Pro-Safaris

Lapin Luontoloma is Saariselkä’s oldest and most experienced activity service enterprise, with operations beginning in 1982. Luontoloma organises activity programmes in North Lapland and North Norway. Summertime programmes include river boat, rubber boat and canoeing excursions on the Ivalojoki River and in the wintertime snowmobile safaris to the Arctic Ocean and Russia, as well as reindeer sleigh safaris and Lappish kota shelter evenings in Saariselkä.


Saariseläntie 14, PL 30
Tel. +358 (0)16 668 706


We get dressed on warm snowmobile clothing at the LuontoLoma office and a guide explains how to control and drive the snowmobile safaly.

We drive over beautiful mountain area, treeless tops and through the forests of Kaunispää and Urupää. Sometimes we see reindeer or elks wandering around and staring at us. The lake Taimenjärvi a beautiful wilderness lake is in a primeval forest area about 15 kilometres from Saariselkä. The hake has trout and arctic char and those we are trying to catch.

When we arrive to the lake we take the ice-fishing gear and guide will teach us what to do. Then we drill the holes to the ice and start to wait quietly when the fish bites.

After the fishing we take a break in the fisherman´s hut and cook our catch. If we have not been lucky with the fishing we enjoy a hot drink and some sweet snack before the snowmobile drive back to Saariselkä.

For the bigger groups, up to 50 persons, we also have “kota” hut for the coffee seving purpose.

Validy: 1.12-30.4., snow permission
Duration: 3,5 hours, approx 30 km
Price: 135 euros/person (winter 2016-2017)
Miimum: 2 persons
Price include: a snowmobile (2 persons share 1 snowmobile), warm snowmobile clothing, ice-fishing equipment, services of a professionally trained guide and ice-fishing programme including coffee / tea and snack. Personal liability in case of damaged snowmobile is 800 €.