Richness of water

Sámiland is the place for eternal friends of Lapland.

Lakes and rivers in Sámilands villages:

SAARISELKÄ; Luttojoki River, Ivalojoki River, Suomujoki Rive
IVALO; Ivalojoki River, Hammasjärvi Lake, Ukonjärvi Lake, Rahajärvi Lake, Luttojoki River
NELLIM; Inarijärvi Lake, Paatsjoki River
INARI; Inarijärvi Lake, Juutuanjoki River, Muddusjärvi Lake, Solojärvi Lake, Paadarjärvi Lake, Lakes in the Inari Recreation Area
LEMMENJOKI; Lemmenjoki River, Menesjärvi Lake
KAAMANEN; Kaamasjoki river, Vuontisjärvi Lake, Kiellajoki River
SEVETTIJÄRVI-NÄÄTÄMÖ: Näätämöjoki River, Sevettijärvi Lake, Kirakkajärvi Lake, Rovijärvi Lake, Tuulisjärvi Lake
UTSJOKI; Tenojoki River, Utsjoki River
NUORGAM; Tenojoki River, Pulmankijärvi Lake
KARIGASNIEMI; Tenojoki River, Inarijoki River

The most important fish species in Sámiland are salmon, trout, whitefish, Arctic char, grayling, perch, pike and burbot. Lake Inarijärvi also has vendace. Northern Finland is home to Finland’s most important salmon rivers, such as Näätämöjoki, Tenojoki and Inarijoki. The red-sided Arctic char is the salmon fish of Arctic waters and can mainly be caught from fell lakes.


Sámiland waterways are popular canoeing and boating destinations, not to mention summer and winter fishing destinations. The local companies provide boat hire, organise guided fishing and boating trips, and sell fishing permits. You can also use your own boat in Sámiland; just make sure you disinfect your fishing equipment.