Inari Lapland

Inari Lapland or Inarin Lapin Matkailu Ry is a mutual association looking after the interests of the tourism enterprises in Inari and Utsjoki. The mission of Inari Lapland is to promote the general requirements for tourism, holidaymaking and recreational activities within the municipal regions of Inari and Utsjoki. The Inari Lapland Association comprises 70 member companies. The chairman of the association is Mrs. Kirsi Ukkonen from Sami Museum-Nature Centre Siida.

InariLapland – Saamenmaa Tourism Expansion project in 2013

The actors involved in the Inari Lapland Saamenmaa Tourism Expansion project were 50 small tourism enterprises in the municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki. The project supported the livelihoods of the remote villages and year-round employment within the tourism sector. The Saamenmaa customer groups are usually international travellers seeking diverse local cultures and unique nature. The principle goal of the project has been the enhancement of the image of the tourist area and increasing awareness. The project was implemented as an outsourced service; the project partner is the Rovaniemi-based Ajatus Advertising Agency, with the administrating authority Inarin Lapland Matkailu Ry using grants issued by the Municipality of Inari. The outcome of the project was a clarified brand for the Saamenmaa villages, a well-functioning tourism website and general brochure. The financing bodies for the project were Pohjoisimman Lapin Leader and the Lapland ELY Centre. (Inarin Lapin Matkailu, project decision, 2013.)