How to get here


  • Daily flight connections from Helsinki to Ivalo
  • You can also reach Sámiland using the airports of Kittilä, Rovaniemi or Kuusamo
  • Book flights with Finnair and Norwegian or with your travel agent
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  • Also check flight connections to Kirkenes and Alta in North Norway (SAS and Norwegian airlines)

Airport transfers:

By bus:

  • Regular bus connections from Rovaniemi and North Norway.
  • Check bus timetables at Matkahuolto

Charter buses:

Hire car:

  • Ivalo Airport has on-call numbers for numerous car hire companies.

By Taxi:

With your own car:

  • Having your own car on holiday makes it easy to travel between the Sámiland villages

By train:

  • The closest railway station is in Rovaniemi
  • There are direct bus connections from the train arrivals to Inari and Utsjoki. See