The Village of Three Languages

The Karigasniemi village has three languages and cultures; Sámi, Finnish, and Norwegian. Thanks to this mix, Karigasniemi has a rather special ambiance, which can be sensed in the inn. In fact, it has been said that the best night life of the Tenojoki River Valley is found in Karigasniemi, a place to which Norwegians from Karasjoki travel 18 kilometres to party. The border river at Karigasniemi has always brought people together, instead of keeping them apart. The village is located at the confluence of the two rivers; Inarijoki and Tenojoki, which means the surroundings offer great opportunities for wilderness fishing and fly fishing along the smaller rivers. Karigasniemi is an excellent base for trips heading to the Arctic Ocean, the rugged northern Norway landscapes or hiking the surrounding Muotkatunturi and Paistunturi fell wilderness regions, and the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve.



Ailigas on perinteinen luontokohde ja utsjokelaisten tähtitieteilijöiden observatorio. Suomen lapissa on kolme Ailigas-nimistä tunturia, jotka kaikki sijaitsevat Utsjoen kunnassa, Tenojoen tuntumassa.

Kevo Strict Nature Reserve

In the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve, the northern nature is at its most majestic.

Sulaojan luontopolku

Luontopolku kertoo opastein sulaojan pyhästä lähteestä ja myös tunturimittarin aiheuttamista tuhoista vuosina 1965–1966.

Tenojoki River

The River Tenojoki covers a distance of 250 kilometres, and is a sub-Arctic boundary river between Finland and Norway.

Tenon Eräkievari

Comfortable accommodations with half or full board, delicious food and excellent places for salmon fishing.

Utsjoen kunta

Utsjoki municipality is the northernmost municipality in Finland and in the whole of the European Union.