The Capital of Sámi Culture

The parish village of Inari is the centre for Finland’s Sámi culture. Fed by the water of dozens of fell highlands, flowing into the western side of Lake Inarijärvi, is the so called mother of all rivers, the Juutuanjoki River, from which evidence of settlements have been found dating back over 8,000 years. It is in this district where you will find the Siida Sámi Museum and Nature Centre, which is a great place to start your exploration of Sámi culture and the nature of the region. In the Inari surroundings, the Sámi traditions thrive and blossom with handicrafts and reindeer husbandry. The mystical Sámi Ocean, Lake Inarijärvi, opens up in front of you in the village. Only a few of the thousands of islands lying in the pure water of the great lake have been named.  Nevertheless, many islands, such as the old sacrificial island and the popular Ukonsaari Island, hold fascinating stories from days gone by.


Airport Transfer Kuljetusliike Ilmari Slant

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Angeli Reindeer Farm

Angeli reindeer farm locades 10 km from Inari. Reindeer herder family offers Home Visits.


Arigato’s services include property hire and improvement, as well as commercial and property consultation.

Aurora Camp Inari

Aurora Camp is a small sámi family business in Inari Village.

Duodji Shop

Duodji Shop is located in the main reception area of the Sajos Sámi Cultural Centre.

Gift Shop Näkkäläjärvi

Gift Shop Näkkäläjärvi is a “supermarket” for Lappish souvenirs and giftware.

Hotel Inari

The legendary Hotel Inari is located in the heart of the Inari village, on the banks of the Inarijärvi Lake.

Hotel Inari ja Visit Inari Safaris

Find authentic Lapland in the small villages of Northern Finland and Northern Norway.

Inari Hiking Area

Inari Hiking Area is located west of the village of Inari. The hiking area has numerous marked trails and hiking destinations.

Inari Reindeerfarm

Inari Reindeerfarm is located 14 km from Inari, in Solojärvi village.

Inari Sámi Church

Completed in 1951 using plans issued by the Construction Board in place of the former church that was destroyed during the war in 1940.

Inarin Hopea (Silversmith shop)

Jewellery traditionally used in Lapland is hand-crafted in the Inarin Hopea silversmith shop.

Juutuanjoki River

The Juutuanjoki River receives its water from the expansive fell region.

K-Kuukkeli Inari

K-Kuukkeli sijaitsee Inarin kirkonkylän keskustassa, helppo saavutettavuus tulitpa mistä ilmansuunnasta tahansa.

Lake Inari Mobile Cabins

Overnight safely in a unique cabin on Lake Inari ice.

Lake Inarijärvi

Lake Inarijärvi is the third largest lake in Finland and the largest lake in Sápmi.

Matkailuopastus Kaija Tolonen

Matkailuopastusta Pohjois-Lapista Norjan Lofooteilta pitkin Pohjois-Kalottia aina Kuolan niemimaalle.


Inarin kylän länsipuolella ja Juutuanjoen pohjoispuolella kohoava legendaarinen Otsamotunturi (418 m) on suosittu retkeilykohde.

Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church

The management of the Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church is the responsibility of the Inari parish and the hiking structures in the destination are managed by Metsähallitus.

Reindeerfarm Petri Mattus

Located in the village of Menesjärvi in the area lying between the Hammastunturi wilderness and the Lemmenjoki National Park, 30 kilometres from Inari.

Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos

Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos is the largest congress and event building in northern Lapland.

The Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida

Siida is home to the Sámi Museum, Northern Lapland Nature Centre and the Sarrit restaurant.

Toivanen Cottages

Toivanen Cottages are beautifully situated by Lake Inari in Inari village.

Ukonsaari Island

Ukonsaari, located in the western section of the Inarijärvi Lake, is one of Finland’s most valuable and renowned ancient remains.

Uruniemi Camping

Uruniemi Camping is located in a naturally picturesque setting in the village of Inari, on the shores of the Inarijärvi Lake.

Wilderness Hotel Inari

Wilderness Hotel Inari is located by the beautiful arctic wilderness lake, Lake Inari, offering breath taking views and an ideal location for aurora viewing.

Youth Centre Vasatokka

Youth & Holiday Centre Vasatokka is located ten kilometres from Inari on the southern banks of the Muddusjärvi Lake.