Handicrafts and shopping

Angeli Reindeer Farm

Angeli reindeer farm locades 10 km from Inari. Reindeer herder family offers Home Visits.

Design House Idoli

Exhibition and shop, interior design and Idoli webshop.

Duodji Shop

Duodji Shop is located in the main reception area of the Sajos Sámi Cultural Centre.

Gift Shop Näkkäläjärvi

Gift Shop Näkkäläjärvi is a “supermarket” for Lappish souvenirs and giftware.

Hotel Kakslauttanen

Whenever a list of the world’s most interesting vacation spots is compiled, Kakslauttanen is sure to be near the top.

Inari Reindeerfarm

Inari Reindeerfarm is located 14 km from Inari, in Solojärvi village.

Inarin Hopea (Silversmith shop)

Jewellery traditionally used in Lapland is hand-crafted in the Inarin Hopea silversmith shop.

K-Kuukkeli Inari

K-Kuukkeli sijaitsee Inarin kirkonkylän keskustassa, helppo saavutettavuus tulitpa mistä ilmansuunnasta tahansa.

Kammigalleria Kikka Laakso

Kammigalleria offers visitors opportunity to explore the reindeer antler works, handmade reindeer antler jewellery and works of art made by Kikka Laakso.

Paltto Elämysretket / Ateljee Huopapirtti

Paltto Elämysretket/Ateljee Huopapirtti is located on the shores of the Njurgulahti bay in the village of Lemmenjoki.

The Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida

Siida is home to the Sámi Museum, Northern Lapland Nature Centre and the Sarrit restaurant.