The Village of Happy People

Happy villagers live in Nuorgam, the northernmost village of the European Union. The around 200 inhabitants of the village live off tourism and cross-border trade. One of Nuorgam’s special appeals for tourists is the promise of a large catch of salmon. The legendary fishing spots on the Tenojoki River, classed as Europe’s best salmon river, such as Alaköngäs, attract fishermen from all over the world in the summertime. Happiness is not only found with its friendly people, but also from the beauty of nature and the uninterrupted tranquillity. In Nuorgam, visitors can either experience Finland’s longest polar night and the nightless night of the Midnight Sun. Between 16 May and 29 July, the suns doesn’t set at all. The fell countryside, Northern Lights and the nearby Arctic Ocean offer travellers plenty to admire at the northernmost point of the string of pearls.


Alaköngäs Waterfall and Museum Road

Around ten kilometres south of the Nuorgam village is Alaköngäs waterfall on the Tenojoki River.


Isonkivenvaara on upea näköalapaikka 360 C, ja se sijaitsee Pulmankijärventien varressa tunturin huipulla.

Lapland North Destinations

Marketing and development company jointly owned by enterprises in North Lapland and the municipalities of Inari and Utsjoki.

Nuorgam Holiday Village

Nuorgam Holiday Village is located in the northernmost village of Finland and the European Union, Nuorgam.

Pulmankijärvi Lake

Pulmankijärvi Lake is located 20 kilometers to the south from the village Nuorgam.

Sevetti-Pulmankijärvi -hiking route

The Sevettijärvi-Pulmankijärvi hiking route is a trail covering 60 kilometres through the wilderness.

Tenojoki River

The River Tenojoki covers a distance of 250 kilometres, and is a sub-Arctic boundary river between Finland and Norway.

The northernmost point and stone monument of Finland and the EU

A stone memorial has been erected on the border of Finland and Norway at Finland’s and the EU’s northernmost point.

Utsjoen kunta

Utsjoki municipality is the northernmost municipality in Finland and in the whole of the European Union.