Central Village of Sámiland

Often called the Golden River, the Ivalojoki River flows into the village of Ivalo, which is the commercial, administrative and transport centre of the Inari Municipality. Ivalo Airport is located 10 kilometres south of the village. Ivalo is located along the no. 4 main road and at the junction of the Raja-Jooseppi road leading to Murmansk, Russia. The village has daily bus connections for many destinations. For those touring Sámiland, Ivalo is an excellent place to get all your supplies, licences and food before heading beyond the road network. There are also plenty of opportunities for experiencing husky dogs in the village surroundings. The Ivalojoki River that flows through the village, is not only a legendary river for the gold it holds, but also a wilderness river, renowned for its trout and grayling. With its occasional white water sections, the river is outstanding for rubber boat rafting or canoeing.


Arctic Camera

Arctic Camera in Ivalo specializes in photography travel services. The company arranges excursions and provides tour operator services.

Design House Idoli

Exhibition and shop, interior design and Idoli webshop.

Eskelisen Lapin Linjat

Chartered bus, route bus, in Finland and in North Norway.

Europcar Car Rental

Navigating a whole new area on your own schedule was never easier than with a cheap car rental from Ivalo Airport.

Guesthouse Husky

Guesthouse Husky is located 5 km from Ivalo village in middle of a forest area. There are 6 cosy rooms in the big log house and nearly 150 Alaskan huskies at the farm close to it.

Holiday Village Ukonjärvi

Das Feriendorf „Ukonjärven Lomakylä“ befindet sich 10km nördlich von Ivalo

Hotel Ivalo

Hotel Ivalo is located in the village of Ivalo on the embankment of the Ivalojoki River.

Hotel Kultahippu

Hotel Kultahippu is located among the services of the Ivalo village, on the banks of the Ivalojoki River.

Inari Municipality

Inari is the largest municipality in Finland and it was established in 1876.

Inari Parish

Inari Parish manages the Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church, Inari Sámi Church, Ivalo Church and the Saariselkä Chapel within the Municipality of Inari.

Ivalo Church

The Lutheran church in Ivalo is located on the northern side of the village, on the shores of the Ivalojoki River.

Ivalo River Camping

The camping area provides cabin accommodation, restaurant services, service station, sauna on the river shore, caravan and tent plots.

Ivalo Trek Lapland

Ivalo Trek Lapland offers individually implemented experience trips within the Ivalo and Inari districts.

Kukkolan Bussit

Kukkolan Bussit provides charter bus transportation services using a fleet of seven minibuses for 8, 10 and 16 passengers, and coaches for 46 – 53 passengers.

Lake Inarijärvi

Lake Inarijärvi is the third largest lake in Finland and the largest lake in Sápmi.