Angeli Reindeer farm

Angeli reindeer farm locades 10 km from Inari. Reindeer herder family offers Home Visits. Traditional log house is located by a lakeside surrounded by forest and hills.

At our home you can see how sami family lives. You can see reindeers as well outside our home.

Home visits we offer year around but reindeers you can see at our home from the middle of november till the end of april.

We offer also trips to see our reindeer herd. Reindeer herder takes you along to see reindeers in the wilderness.

Reindeer herd visits we offer from the middle of february to the end of april.

Reservations required upfront by phone or email.

Tiervâpuáttim! Welcome!

Angeli reindeer farm
Konesjärventie 119
99870 Inari
Tel. +358405363061

INSTAGRAM @angelireindeerfarm