Sámiland is the home of thriving Sámi culture. For the traveller, it is like a string of pearls, something that everyone experiences differently, at their own pace. For many, Sámiland is the most beautiful place in the world; a place where, at long last, you can breathe freely and welcome tranquillity within. Sámiland is widespread and wild. It is the land of sparkling waters, glistening stars, fell highlands, untouched wilderness and the Northern Lights. Sámiland cherishes hospitality. Sámiland is the place for eternal friends of Lapland.

Saamenpolku trail – Sää´mpää´ljes

Saamenpolku 9 – Sää’mpää’ljes, covers 90 kilometres, partly travels along old Sámi trails. The departure point is the Sevettijärvi Skolt Sámi village or Näätämö border village. The trail departs from Sevettijärvi to Näätämö from the southern side of the Sevettijärventie Road and continues from Näätämö back to Sevettijärvi on the northern side of the Näätämöjoki River.

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