Sámiland is the home of thriving Sámi culture. For the traveller, it is like a string of pearls, something that everyone experiences differently, at their own pace. For many, Sámiland is the most beautiful place in the world; a place where, at long last, you can breathe freely and welcome tranquillity within. Sámiland is widespread and wild. It is the land of sparkling waters, glistening stars, fell highlands, untouched wilderness and the Northern Lights. Sámiland cherishes hospitality. Sámiland is the place for eternal friends of Lapland.

Inari Sámi Church

The Lutheran Sámi Church located in the heart of the Inari village was completed in 1951 using plans issued by the Construction Board in place of the former church that was destroyed during the war in 1940. The altarpiece painted by Väinö Saikko (1938) depicts the revelation of Christ to a hiking Sámi family.

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