Choose the accommodation that appeals the most; a pleasant hotel room, ambiance-rich wilderness cabin, camping ground, or perhaps you’d like to stay at a husky or reindeer farm. Throughout the ages, on their journeys to Lapland, travellers have sought shelter from the friendly locals. Maybe this is why hospitality is in the blood of the Sámiland folk.

  • Ukonjärven Lomakylä Ravintola Holiday Village Ukonjärvi Ukonjärvi, Ivalo

    Ukonjärvi Holiday VillageUkonjärven Lomakylä Ukonjärventie 141FIN-99800 Ivalo  Gsm +358 40 501 1054 E-mail:

  • Peuralammen CampingMökit_web Peuralammen Camping , Sevettijärvi

    Peuralammen Camping on Sevettijärven kylässä, idyllisen Peuralammen rannalla sijaitseva leirintäalue, jossa on mökkejä, ravintola, asuntovaunualue ja rantasauna. Peuralammen Camping on oiva tukikohta Sevetti-Pulmankijärvi -vaellusreitillä kulkeville tai talvella moottorikelkkaileville matkailijoille. Peuralammen Camping on avoinna joka päivä. 1 kpl ​2 hlön mökkejä … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: NiliTupien kotisivut Sevettijärven Nili-tuvat , Sevettijärvi

    Sevettijärvi Nilituvat is situated in the village of Sevettijärvi, on the shore of Lake Nilijärvi. Sevettijärven Nili-TuvatSevettijärventie 9721999830 Sevettijärvi Puh +358 40 7431838Puh. +358 72 00432anni.kiviniemi@sevettijarvennilituvat.inet.fi

  • Lomakylä Lapponia Ranta Holiday village Lapponia Sikovuono, Inari

    Do you appreciate eco-spirituality, spontaneous, own peace, fresh lake view, fishing, warmth of the beach sauna and silence near the fireplace in the middle of the Laplands nature? Lomakylä Lapponia is the right place for you to experience all of … Lue lisää »

  • Igloos view from air Kakslauttanen JPG Hotelli Kakslauttanen Kakslauttanen, Saariselkä

    Whenever a list of the world’s most interesting vacation spots is compiled, Kakslauttanen is sure to be near the top. Famous for its long viewing season of the northern lights, the resort features glass igloos, where guests can enjoy the … Lue lisää »

  • Inarin Poropirtit Inarin Poropirtit , Inari

    Inarin Poropirtit – Anara Boazostobut in Sami – is situated 13 km from the village of Inari, on the road to Lemmenjoki and Kittilä.The location is both beautiful and peaceful. Owner in Inarin Poropirtit are Sami, and they continue the … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Aimo Kostinen Safari-Service , Nellim

    The village of Nellim is a village of a great natural beauty, surrounded by northern hills. It is located on the coast of Lake Inari, along the old Arctic Ocean road to Petsamo. The unique village and its diverse nature … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Tenon Eräkievarin kotisivut Tenon Eräkievari Rovasuvanto, Karigasniemi

    Comfortable accommodations with half or full board, delicious foodand excellent places for salmon fishing. Guided day trips and hiking weeks,excellent possibilities for picking berries and mushrooms,guided cross country skiing weeks and snowmobile safaris, ice fishing,watching reindeer round-ups, car trips to … Lue lisää »

  • ToivasenRantamokitMokki Toivanen Cottages , Inari

    Toivanen Cottages are beautifully situated by Lake Inari in Inari village. Family Toivanen cozy cottages and the relaxing lakeside sauna are available from June to September. Family Toivanen rents two rowing boats. TOIVANEN COTTAGESUruniementie 5 FIN-99870 Inari, Tel. + 358 … Lue lisää »

  • NuorgaminLomakeskusKahviaKesa Nuorgam Holiday Village , Nuorgam

    Nuorgam Holiday Village is located in the northernmost village of Finland and the European Union, Nuorgam. Right on the shores of Europe’s best salmon fishing river – the Tenojoki, on the Norwegian border – close to the Arctic Ocean. The … Lue lisää »

  • AhkuntupaVene Ahkun Tupa/Lemmenjoen Lomamajat , Lemmenjoki

     The Sami family firm Ahkun Tupa/Lemmenjoen Lomamajat Oy is located on the banks of the Njurgulahti bay in the village of Lemmenjoki next to the Lemmenjoki National Park.Ahkun Tupa provides cabin accommodation, restaurant and cafeteria services, river boat trips along … Lue lisää »

  • LemmenjokiPaltto3 Paltto Adventures on River Lemmenjoki/Ateljee Huopapirtti , Lemmenjoki

    Adventures Paltto and Ateljee Huopapirtti are located on the shores of the Njurgulahti bay in the village of Lemmenjoki. Paltto Adventures arranges programmes in the Lemmenjoki National Park including boating and gold panning trips, nature lunches, reindeer and Sámi culture … Lue lisää »

  • LemmenliekkiMokit1 Lemmenliekki , Lemmenjoki

     The pleasant Lemmenliekki holiday cabins are located on the border of the Lemmenjoki National Park, by the sparkling waters of the Äivijärvi Lake teeming with fish along the Lemmenjoki River. Lemmenliekki provides cabin accommodation throughout the year. The destination is … Lue lisää »

  • Valkeaporo1 Valkeaporo Lemmenjoki , Lemmenjoki

    Valkeaporo is an accommodation and activity programme enterprise operating in Lemmenjoki, that specialises in trips and activity programmes for the Lemmenjoki National Park. For over 25 years, Valkeaporo has engaged in panning for gold and taken guests on boat trips … Lue lisää »

  • camping_lomakyla Camping Lapinkylä Saamenmaan kylät, Utsjoki

    Camping Lapinkylä is a camping ground and holiday village located in a picturesque place in the centre of Utsjoki. Camping Lapinkylä offers cabin accommodation and activity programmes. The camping area is open 1 June – 15 September. The holiday village … Lue lisää »

  • UtsjokiLomakylaValleRevontulet Holiday Village Valle , Utsjoki

    Lomakylä Valle/Holiday Valle is located in Aittisuvanto, two kilometres from Utsjoki in the direction of Karigasniemi, on the banks of the Tenojoki River. The holiday village has high-standard cabin accommodation. All cabins provide views over the Tenojoki River and Norway. … Lue lisää »

  • NeljanTuulenTupaLogo Neljän Tuulen Tupa , Kaamanen

    Made from silver pine, the Neljän Tuulen Tupa is located along the Utsjoki road, to the north of the Kaamanen village. Popular with birdwatchers and nature lovers, Neljän Tuulen Tupa offers accommodation and meals. NELJÄN TUULEN TUPAKaamasentie 3831FIN-99910 KaamanenTel. +358 … Lue lisää »

  • JokitormaCaravan Holiday Village Jokitörmä , Kaamanen

    Holiday Village Jokitörmä is located on the banks of the Kaamasjoki River on the southern edge of the Kaamanen village. Lomakylä Jokitörmä offers cabin and room accommodation, a caravan plot area and sauna on the river shore. In addition to … Lue lisää »

  • KaamasenKievariHuoneisto Kaamasen Kievari , Kaamanen

    Located on the banks of the Kaamasjoki River and at the crossroads of four main roads, Kaamasen Kievari offers rooms, apartments and cabins, as well as restaurant services. Kaamasen Kievari has a minimarket and fuel sales. KAAMASEN KIEVARIKaamasentie 2855 FIN-99910 … Lue lisää »

  • GiellajohkaTupa Giellajohka Kielajoki River, Kaamanen

    Giellajohka is located on the shores of the Kielajoki River, along the road running between Kaamanen and Karigasniemi, close to the Muotkatunturi highlands and the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve. Giellajohka has cabin and room accommodation, a cafeteria-restaurant, and a caravan … Lue lisää »

  • UruniemiAlue1 Uruniemi Camping , Inari

    Uruniemi Camping is located in a naturally picturesque setting in the village of Inari, on the shores of the Inarijärvi Lake. The holiday village offers cabin and room accommodation and a caravan plot ground. Uruniemi Camping hires out boats, canoes … Lue lisää »

  • VasatokkaIlmakuva Youth Centre Vasatokka Riutula, Inari

    Youth & Holiday Centre Vasatokka is located ten kilometres from Inari on the southern banks of the Muddusjärvi Lake. Vasatokka provides cabin and room accommodation, as well as programmes and meal services for groups. Outdoor excursion supplies available for hire. … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Ivalo River Camping Ivalo River Camping , Ivalo

    Located south of the Ivalo village on the banks of the Ivalojoki River, the camping area provides cabin accommodation, restaurant services, service station, sauna on the river shore, caravan and tent plots. Ivalo River Camping also arranges fishing trips on … Lue lisää »

  • IvaloTrekAurora3 Ivalo Trek Lapland , Ivalo

    Ivalo Trek Lapland offers individually implemented experience trips within the Ivalo and Inari districts. Trips are mainly organised for small groups; friends, families and couples. Maximum size of groups are eight persons. Wintertime programmes include Northern Lights trips and net … Lue lisää »

  • PanimoInnKelomokit Saariselkä Panimo Inn , Saariselkä

    Panimo Inn is a gold-spirited inn located in the very heart of the Saariselkä resort. Panimo Inn offers hotel rooms, cosy cottages and meeting venues as well as restaurant and pub services. The Panimo silver pine cabins, located on the … Lue lisää »

  • Saariselan-Keskusvaraamo_North-Village_logo_ILM2013_ North Village , Saariselkä

    North Village operates as the central booking agency and tour operator for the Saariselkä area. North Village provides hotel, holiday apartment and cabin accommodation, comprehensive activity services, transportation and guidance. The central booking agency reception and sales office are located … Lue lisää »

  • ErähotelliNellim1 Wilderness Hotel Nellim , Nellim

    Wilderness Hotel Nellim is located in the village of Nellim, on the banks of the Inarijärvi Lake and close to the Russian border. Wilderness Hotel Nellim offers hotel and cabin accommodation rich in atmosphere, restaurant services and lifetime experience trips … Lue lisää »

  • Sanila5 Reindeerfarm Toini Sanila Kirakka-Kannas, Sevettijärvi

    Reindeerfarm Toini Sanila is located in Kirakka-Kannas on the shores of the Sevettijärvi Lake. Cabin and room accommodation, high quality food, excursions, introductions to reindeer herding and the Sámi culture. Reindeerfarm Sanila also arranges fishing trips on the Näätämöjoki River. … Lue lisää »