Places to visit and sights

People travelling to North Lapland are treated to Sámi and Lappish cultural sites, as well as natural sights beyond compare. For instance, you could hike in Finland’s largest national parks, explore the Sámi culture of yesteryears and modern-day, and visit the historical and influential churches of the region.

  • Design House Idoli Ukonjärvi, Ivalo

    Exhibition and shop, interior design and Idoli webshop. Design House IDOLI Ukonjärvi 99800 Ivalo Tel. +35840 0197 181

  • Kuva. Jouni Männistö Urho Kekkonen National Park Sámiland Villages, Saariselkä

    The Urho Kekkonen National Park is located within the municipal regions of Inari, Sodankylä and Savukoski. The national park reaches right out to the edge of the Saariselkä and Kiilopää resorts, and the park is a popular destination throughout the … Lue lisää »

  • Inari Hiking Area Sámiland Villages, Inari

    Inari Hiking Area is located west of the village of Inari. The Inari Hiking Area also includes the Myössäjärvi area, Otsamotunturi area, and the area between Tuulispää and the Inari village. The hiking area has numerous marked trails and hiking … Lue lisää »

  • Saariselkä Chapel Sámiland Villages, Saariselkä

    The Saariselkä Chapel, called Pyhän Paavalin Kappeli was inaugurated in the heart of the Saariselkä resort in 1996 and was designed by Erkki Jokiniemi. The chapel has a floor space of 350 square metres and is constructed using massive logs.

  • Kuva: Nuorgamin Lomakeskus Sevetti-Pulmankijärvi -hiking route Sámiland Villages, Sevettijärvi

    The Sevettijärvi-Pulmankijärvi hiking route is a trail covering 60 kilometres through the wilderness. The southern point of departure is in Sevettijärvi, in the grounds of a traditional Skolt Sámi house. The northern point of departure is 20 kilometres away in … Lue lisää »

  • KalastusTaimen Saamenpolku trail – Sää´mpää´ljes Sámiland Villages, Sevettijärvi

    Saamenpolku 9 – Sää’mpää’ljes, covers 90 kilometres, partly travels along old Sámi trails. The departure point is the Sevettijärvi Skolt Sámi village or Näätämö border village. The trail departs from Sevettijärvi to Näätämö from the southern side of the Sevettijärventie … Lue lisää »

  • InariJuutuanjoki(MannistoMarja) Juutuanjoki River , Inari

    The Juutuanjoki River receives its water from the expansive fell region. Through this river, the water of the Menesjoki, Lemmenjoki, Vaskojoki and Kaamasjoki flow into the Inarijärvi Lake, and from there along Paatsjoki River to reach the Arctic Ocean. The … Lue lisää »

  • Inari Sámi Church Sámiland Villages, Inari

    The Lutheran Sámi Church located in the heart of the Inari village was completed in 1951 using plans issued by the Construction Board in place of the former church that was destroyed during the war in 1940. The altarpiece painted … Lue lisää »

  • Ivalo Church Sámiland Villages, Ivalo

    The Lutheran church in Ivalo is located on the northern side of the village, on the shores of the Ivalojoki River. Ivalo Church was built in 1966 and was renovated in 1999. The church was designed by Senior Architect Kauko … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Studio Borga Utsjoki Municipality Saamenmaan kylät, Utsjoki

    Utsjoki municipality is the northernmost municipality in Finland and in the whole of the European Union.  In Utsjoki there are living 1204 people. See more at Saami Village. , the northernmost municipality in Finland and the whole of the European … Lue lisää »

  • logot_inari_kultapieni Inari Municipality Sámiland Villages, Sevettijärvi

    nari is the largest municipality in Finland and it was established in 1876. It has a surface area of 17,321 km², of which 2,148 km² is covered by water and 15,173 km² is land.

  • Kuva: Nuorgamin Lomakeskus Alaköngäs Waterfall and Museum Road Sámiland Villages, Nuorgam

    Around ten kilometres south of the Nuorgam village is Alaköngäs waterfall on the Tenojoki River. Alaköngäs waterfall is a spectacular whitewater area that is particularly favoured by people fishing for salmon. Alaköngäs is also the departure point for the historic … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Nuorgamin Lomakeskus The northernmost point and stone monument of Finland and the EU Sámiland Villages, Nuorgam

    Nuorgam is Finland’s and the European Union’s northernmost village. A stone memorial has been erected on the border of Finland and Norway at Finland’s and the EU’s northernmost point.

  • Kuva: Utuniemi Camping Lake Inarijärvi Sámiland Villages, Nellim

    Lake Inarijärvi is the third largest lake in Finland and the largest lake in Sápmi. It is located in the northern part of Lapland.  The most well known islands of the lake are Hautuumaasaari Island,  which served as a cemetery … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Erähotelli Nellim/Markku Inkilä Paatsjoki Bridge by the Russian border Sámiland Villages, Nellim

    Located east of Nellim, the Paatsjoki Bridge close to the Russian border, leads hikers into the Vätsäri wilderness. From the bridge, you can admire the river landscapes opening up over Russia. The national border between Russia and Finland is only … Lue lisää »

  • Rautaportti Sámiland Villages, Nellim

    Located in Nellim, Rautaportti is a rugged cove surrounded by cliffs that was strategically important during the Second World War (1939 – 1945). Fortifications were constructed on both sides of the cove to defend the road leading to the Arctic … Lue lisää »

  • Saint Tryphon Pechenga Orthodox Church Sámiland Villages, Nellim

    Saint Tryphon Pechenga orthodox church is located east of the village of Nellim, sitting on a handsome pine tree ridge

  • eramaakirkko Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church Sámiland Villages, Inari

    The management of the Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church is the responsibility of the Inari parish and the hiking structures in the destination are managed by Metsähallitus. Pielpajärvi is the old centre of Inari. In former times, there was a winter village … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Aslak Paltto Ravadasköngäs Falls Sámiland Villages, Lemmenjoki

    Ravadasköngäs is one of the most renowned nature destinations and sights of the Lemmenjoki National Park, accessed by boat or by hiking. The Ravadasköngäs waterfall is situated at the confluence of the Lemmenjoki and Ravadasjoki rivers.

  • Kuva: Aslak Paltto Lemmenjoki National Park Saamenmaan kylät, Lemmenjoki

    Lemmenjoki is the largest national park in Finland and one of Europe’s most extensive wilderness regions. The national park offers plenty of interesting things to experience for those travelling their own trail and for those who like to stick to … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Nuorgamin Lomakeskus Pulmankijärvi Lake Saamenmaan kylät, Nuorgam

    Pulmankijärvi Lake is located 20 kilometers to the south from the village Nuorgam.

  • SevettiPerinnepiha Skolt Sámi Heritage House Sámiland Village, Sevettijärvi

    The Skolt Sámi Heritage House in Sevettijärvi, which is managed by the Sámi Museum, is located next to the  Orthodox Church and its charming cemetery.The Skolt Sámi Heritage House is open in the summertime and it is free for visitors … Lue lisää »

  • Sevetin Hautausmaa Sevettijärvi Orthodox Church and Cemetery Sámiland Villages, Sevettijärvi

    Established in honour of St. Tryphon of Pechenga, this Orthodox Church is located in the village of Sevettijärvi. The grounds of the Orthodox church also has a charming Orthodox cemetery.

  • Kuva:LuontoLoma Kaunispää Fell highland Sámiland Villages, Saariselkä

    Kaunispää Fell is 438 metres tall and located close to the Saariselkä resort. A public road leads to the top of the Kaunispää Fell, so because of its easy accessibility, the fell is not only a popular destination for hikers … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Studio Borga Tenojoki River Saamenmaan kylät, Utsjoki

    The River Tenojoki covers a distance of 250 kilometres, and is a sub-Arctic boundary river between Finland and Norway. It is a well renowned and popular fishing river, as well as being the largest and most fish abundant salmon river … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Studio Borga Sámi Bridge (Saamen silta) Sámiland Villages, Utsjoki

    The Sámi Bridge is a road bridge crossing the River Tenojoki, which connects the Utsjoki village in Finland with Roavvegiedd in the County of Teno in Norway. The bridge was opened in 1993.

  • Kuva: Visa Valle Kevo Strict Nature Reserve Sámiland Villages, Utsjoki

    In the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve, the northern nature is at its most majestic. Kevo is suitable for demanding wilderness hikes, as the area is only accessible on foot. Lying within the core of the nature reserve is a canyon-like … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva: Jouni Männistö Ukonsaari Island Sámiland Villages, Inari

    Ukonsaari, located in the western section of the Inarijärvi Lake, is one of Finland’s most valuable and renowned ancient remains. Ukonsaari has been a place of worship for the Sámi god Ukkonen. Ukonsaari Island can be reached by ship or … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva. Pertti Turunen Toivoniemi bird watching tower Sámiland Villages, Kaamanen

    The mouth of the Kaamasjoki River is probably the best place for watching birds in the Inari area. This 12-metre high bird watching tower has been constructed in a central location close to a bird nesting area, allowing views of … Lue lisää »

  • KaamanenTuuruharju Tuuruharju Nature Trail Sámiland Villages, Kaamanen

    The Tuuruharhu Nature Trail is located in the village of Kaamanen, atop the Tuuruharju Ridge along the Inari – Utsjoki road.

  • sajosrevontuli Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos , Inari

    Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos is the largest congress and event building in northern Lapland. The premises are fitted with modern conference and interpretation technologies, internet connections, and can hold events for up to 430 persons. This architecturally fascinating Sámi Cultural … Lue lisää »

  • Sami Museum & Northern Lapland Nature Centre - SIIDASami cultural and natural history museum is an integrated centre. In addition to the core museum there is an open-air museum, restaurant, conference centre and Forest and Park centre located in the oldest inhabited area in northern Lapland with evidence of occupation from 7,000BC. Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida , Inari

    Siida is home to the Sámi Museum, Northern Lapland Nature Centre and the Sarrit restaurant. Siida is a diverse meeting place with exhibitions of culture and nature, meeting rooms and events. The open-air museum is open in the summertime. Siida … Lue lisää »