Sámi culture

The nature of the north not only offers beauty before the eyes, but also plenty to do. The very best is on offer for those enjoying fishing, photography, snowmobile riding and skiing – but there’s so much more! Sámiland is full of things to experience.

  • LakeInari 2 Lake Inari Mobile Cabins , Inari

    Overnight safely in a unique cabin on Lake Inari ice. There on your comfy bed you will have great chance to watch the mystique northern lights too. Welcomes Esko & Sari, Your hosts MOBILE CABINS – LAKE INARIwww.lakeinari.comBase camp address: … Lue lisää »

  • NuorgaminLomakeskusKahviaKesa Nuorgam Holiday Village , Nuorgam

    Nuorgam Holiday Village is located in the northernmost village of Finland and the European Union, Nuorgam. Right on the shores of Europe’s best salmon fishing river – the Tenojoki, on the Norwegian border – close to the Arctic Ocean. The … Lue lisää »

  • AhkuntupaVene Ahkun Tupa/Lemmenjoen Lomamajat , Lemmenjoki

     The Sami family firm Ahkun Tupa/Lemmenjoen Lomamajat Oy is located on the banks of the Njurgulahti bay in the village of Lemmenjoki next to the Lemmenjoki National Park.Ahkun Tupa provides cabin accommodation, restaurant and cafeteria services, river boat trips along … Lue lisää »

  • LemmenjokiPaltto3 Paltto Adventures on River Lemmenjoki/Ateljee Huopapirtti , Lemmenjoki

    Adventures Paltto and Ateljee Huopapirtti are located on the shores of the Njurgulahti bay in the village of Lemmenjoki. Paltto Adventures arranges programmes in the Lemmenjoki National Park including boating and gold panning trips, nature lunches, reindeer and Sámi culture … Lue lisää »

  • KorpikartanoInSummer Hotel Korpikartano Menesjärvi, Lemmenjoki

    Hotel Korpikartano, a former village school, is located on the banks of the tranquil wilderness lake of Menesjärvi, close to the Lemmenjoki National Park, 32 kilometres from Inari. On offer are pleasant hotel rooms, apartments, a charter restaurant, a Lappish … Lue lisää »

  • KammikalleriaNayttelytila Kammigalleria Kikka Laakso , Lemmenjoki

    Located close to the Lemmenjoki National Park in Kuivajärvi, Kammigalleria offers visitors opportunity to explore the reindeer antler works, handmade reindeer antler jewellery and works of art made by Kikka Laakso. Kammigalleria has an exhibition of traditional and reindeer handicrafts. … Lue lisää »

  • PorotilaMattus(kuva Risto Harkala)1 Reindeerfarm Petri Mattus Menesjärvi, Inari

    The Petri Mattus reindeer farm is located in the village of Menesjärvi in the area lying between the Hammastunturi wilderness and the Lemmenjoki National Park, 30 kilometres from Inari. The Inari Sámi reindeer herder arranges programmes that allow visitors to … Lue lisää »

  • Valkeaporo1 Valkeaporo Lemmenjoki , Lemmenjoki

    Valkeaporo is an accommodation and activity programme enterprise operating in Lemmenjoki, that specialises in trips and activity programmes for the Lemmenjoki National Park. For over 25 years, Valkeaporo has engaged in panning for gold and taken guests on boat trips … Lue lisää »

  • camping_lomakyla Camping Lapinkylä Saamenmaan kylät, Utsjoki

    Camping Lapinkylä is a camping ground and holiday village located in a picturesque place in the centre of Utsjoki. Camping Lapinkylä offers cabin accommodation and activity programmes. The camping area is open 1 June – 15 September. The holiday village … Lue lisää »

  • UtsjokiLomakylaValleRevontulet Holiday Village Valle , Utsjoki

    Lomakylä Valle/Holiday Valle is located in Aittisuvanto, two kilometres from Utsjoki in the direction of Karigasniemi, on the banks of the Tenojoki River. The holiday village has high-standard cabin accommodation. All cabins provide views over the Tenojoki River and Norway. … Lue lisää »

  • HotelliInari3 Hotel Inari and Visit Inari Safaris , Inari

    Find authentic Lapland in the small villages of Northern Finland and Northern Norway!A family-run destination management company offers activities, accommodation,transfers and other travel services with experience of over 30 years. With the help ofthe professional guides we will show you … Lue lisää »

  • sajosrevontuli Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos , Inari

    Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos is the largest congress and event building in northern Lapland. The premises are fitted with modern conference and interpretation technologies, internet connections, and can hold events for up to 430 persons. This architecturally fascinating Sámi Cultural … Lue lisää »

  • Sami Museum & Northern Lapland Nature Centre - SIIDASami cultural and natural history museum is an integrated centre. In addition to the core museum there is an open-air museum, restaurant, conference centre and Forest and Park centre located in the oldest inhabited area in northern Lapland with evidence of occupation from 7,000BC. Sámi Museum and Nature Centre Siida , Inari

    Siida is home to the Sámi Museum, Northern Lapland Nature Centre and the Sarrit restaurant. Siida is a diverse meeting place with exhibitions of culture and nature, meeting rooms and events. The open-air museum is open in the summertime. Siida … Lue lisää »

  • JussakkaGuiding Jussakka , Inari

    Jussakka arranges story-themed programmes and guidance. Jussakka programmes supplement the holidaymakers’ journey with professional guidance or tales about Inari’s culture of four peoples, way of life earlier and nowadays, work done by men and women, dyeing yarn, beliefs, shamans, and … Lue lisää »

  • InarinPorofarmi1 Inari Reindeerfarm Solojärvi, Inari

    Inari Reindeerfarm is located 14 km from Inari, in Solojärvi village. Inari Reindeerfarm offers versatile programmes all year round. By agreement only. INARI REINDEERFARMKittiläntie 1445 (Solojärvi)FIN-99870 Inari Tel. +358 (0)500 666 444 Email: reindeerfarm@reindeerfarm.fiwww.reindeerfarm.fi      

  • IvaloTrekAurora3 Ivalo Trek Lapland , Ivalo

    Ivalo Trek Lapland offers individually implemented experience trips within the Ivalo and Inari districts. Trips are mainly organised for small groups; friends, families and couples. Maximum size of groups are eight persons. Wintertime programmes include Northern Lights trips and net … Lue lisää »

  • Hotel Ivalo-outside Hotel Ivalo , Ivalo

    Hotel Ivalo is located in the village of Ivalo on the embankment of the Ivalojoki River. Hotel Ivalo is a pleasant village hotel providing hotel accommodation, restaurant services, and activity programmes. HOTEL IVALOIvalontie 34 FIN-99800 IvaloTel. +358 (0)16 688 111Email: … Lue lisää »

  • Saariselan-Keskusvaraamo_North-Village_logo_ILM2013_ North Village , Saariselkä

    North Village operates as the central booking agency and tour operator for the Saariselkä area. North Village provides hotel, holiday apartment and cabin accommodation, comprehensive activity services, transportation and guidance. The central booking agency reception and sales office are located … Lue lisää »

  • Luontoloma6 Lapin LuontoLoma Pro Safaris , Saariselkä

    Lapin Luontoloma is Saariselkä’s oldest and most experienced activity service enterprise, with operations beginning in 1982. Luontoloma organises activity programmes in North Lapland and North Norway. Summertime programmes include river boat, rubber boat and canoeing excursions on the Ivalojoki River … Lue lisää »

  • HotelliKultahoviUlkokuva Tradition Hotel Kultahovi , Inari

    This legendary Saami family owned and run hotel is located in Inari Saami village, on a pristine spot next to River Juutua rapids. Tradition Hotel Kultahovi offers two types of accommodation. The Traditional Hotel offers standard rooms and genuine 1950’s … Lue lisää »

  • ErähotelliNellim1 Wilderness Hotel Nellim , Nellim

    Wilderness Hotel Nellim is located in the village of Nellim, on the banks of the Inarijärvi Lake and close to the Russian border. Wilderness Hotel Nellim offers hotel and cabin accommodation rich in atmosphere, restaurant services and lifetime experience trips … Lue lisää »

  • Kuva:  Marja Männistö Sevetin Baari , Sevettijärvi

    Sevetin Baari is located on the banks of the Sevettijärvi Lake, in the village of Sevettijärvi, on the edge of the Vätsäri and Kaldoaivi wilderness regions. Sevetin Baari offers room accommodation, meal services and nature excursions. Sevetin Baari also has … Lue lisää »

  • Sanila5 Reindeerfarm Toini Sanila Kirakka-Kannas, Sevettijärvi

    Reindeerfarm Toini Sanila is located in Kirakka-Kannas on the shores of the Sevettijärvi Lake. Cabin and room accommodation, high quality food, excursions, introductions to reindeer herding and the Sámi culture. Reindeerfarm Sanila also arranges fishing trips on the Näätämöjoki River. … Lue lisää »