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Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Wilderness Hotel Nellim is located in the village of Nellim, on the banks of the Inarijärvi Lake and close to the Russian border.

Wilderness Hotel Inari

Wilderness Hotel Inari is located by the beautiful arctic wilderness lake, Lake Inari, offering breath taking views and an ideal location for aurora viewing.


The village of Nellim is a village of a great natural beauty, surrounded by northern hills.

Saint Tryphon Pechenga Orthodox Church

Saint Tryphon Pechenga orthodox church is located east of the village of Nellim, sitting on a handsome pine tree ridge.

Paatsjoki Bridge by the Russian border

Located east of Nellim, the Paatsjoki Bridge close to the Russian border, leads hikers into the Vätsäri wilderness.


Rautaportti is a rugged cove surrounded by cliffs that was strategically important during the Second World War (1939 – 1945).